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"For people new to monetary history of the world, and interested to learn more about Dash Digital Cash--this is your book."

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"I've attempted to simplify the past, present and future of money in one easy read. A blend of history, finance, and technology, an aim at getting more and more people to see the obvious, where the prevalent global financial system is headed and how they can prepare themselves. Will there be another global recession? Will more people lose hope on fiat money? Will Digital Cash become the prevalent currency of the future? Is cryptocurrency really a bubble? This book expounds on those and others."

Nathaniel Luz, Author

Ryan Taylor, CEO, Dash Core Group

We are entering a period in which money innovation is accelerating for the first time in nearly a century. This innovation has the potential to unlock incredible value, just like money innovations before it. Given their potential, I encourage you, the reader, to learn about the innovations that are occurring and monitor the adoption of digital currencies. Evaluate whether they can be useful to you or your business. Make a conscious decision regarding the role they should play in your financial repertoire. We are living in a time of great change, and nothing is more fundamental to the success of the human race than money. It is especially exciting to be living in a moment when money itself is being improved in such fundamental ways

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This book is a must read for everybody that is interested in the history, present and most importantly the future of money. It walks the reader through the evolution of money throughout history and shows many opportunities how to benefit from coming changes in our money and financial systems. The book is completed with an in depth dive into Dash, an innovative blockchain based currency. You might miss out on significant opportunities if you don’t read this book!

About Author,
Nathaniel Luz

Nathaniel Luz, an award winning libertarian, is an author, speaker, educator, and one of Africa's foremost blockchain and digital currency experts.

He is known for promoting the adoption and use of digital cash in Africa, seeing the numerous opportunities provided by blockchain & digital currencies. His goal is to leapfrog Africa via them.

With governments trying unsuccessfully to salvage the global economic situations, rate of inflation skyrocketing in Latin America and Africa, people trying to save their money in a currency that'll still be relevant in the next decades, there's not a time this book has been more needed!

Nathaniel Luz